Welcome to the World of Akkin’ital

History of the universe

In a dark corner, of a dark universe, a lone consciousness contemplates all that is. A deep yearning for companionship overwhelms the entity and from his thoughts spring 1,260 gods. Over a period of 100,000 years the Gods and the Universal power live in harmony, until several of the god’s grow weary of a “meaningless” existence, and decide to leave the quite dark corner.

This greatly troubles the Universal power and it sends all of its creations away with instructions to only return when all are present. Each god takes up residence within their own celestial body, some choose stars for homes, others comets, and planets, one even claims the event horizon of a black hole. Bored with solitary life many of the gods create creatures to serve and amuse them, and these creatures are not given sentience but exist only for servitude.

50,000 years pass before the Universal Power becomes aware of the selfish creations the Gods have shaped and a great angry destroys all the creatures and summons the Gods home. Only 17 appear before the entity, but it is disturbed that only few have returned and again sends them away.

25,000 years after the destruction of the creatures the many of the God’s who remained away from the entity create more creatures of servitude, wishing to test the limitation of the entities power and patience.

This time 20,000 years pass before the entity becomes aware of the deception of the god’s. This time the entity destroys the creatures and the gods who created them, and summons forth the 17 gods who remain true. When the 17 appear before the entity it speaks softly saying “I am dismayed by the treachery of your brothers and sisters, and for that reason I have destroyed them. Go forth and find a world where you all may live together and create creatures that serve themselves as well as you.” Upon saying this, the entity disintegrates and the God’s feel a piece of their minds free as if a strong grip has been released. Feeling a great sorrow the 17 God’s swear a pact to create a world with creatures in honor of the entity and their lost brothers and sisters.

New World

A long search for a planet worthy of creation ensues and 4000 years pass before a medium planet circling a white star is found, and the god’s being work on shaping the world and creating creatures with free will.

The Transference

5000 years after the gods created the world known as Akkin’ital, a large asteroid threatens to extinguish all life in the world. In order to combat this from occurring, the gods agree that they must guide those dwelling on the planet into protecting themselves. A vessel is chosen and the gods begin to whisper their warnings to him through dreams, visions, spiritual messengers, or other means by which the gods communicate with mortals.

The world of Akkin’ital